Braided demijohns

Our demijohns are braided with PVC tubes.

We offer the sizes from 0,5 l – 54 l. We also offer braided bottles of different shapes and sizes.

The demijohns are provided in different colour combinations and you can choose the one that is suitable for you. You can either have a finished products or you can bring your own demijohn and we will braid it for you.

Bare demijohns

We offer bare demijohns in sizes 0,5 l – 54 l.

The  sizes from 5 l – 54 l can be bought with a plastic container.

You can also buy  bare glass bottles 0,2 l – 3 l and some of them come with embossed decorations.

Other products

We provided corkg plugs for all our glass bottles and demojihns and for some of them it is possible to buy plastic or aluminum lids, that we offer as well.

You can also buy alcohol meters, sugar meters, must meters, graduated cylinders, wine thieves, fermentation plugs.